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Ceramide-C Anti-aging Serum

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  Lipodrene® Hardcore     A Powerful Energizer and 
 Appetite Suppressan

 Lipodrene HardCore-Diet Pill
from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
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Lipodrene HardCore better than the original yellow diet pill. You can BUY lipodrene  diet pill now; it is available and  normally ships from our warehouse within 24 hours.
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Reap the benefits of
topical nutrients in
Skin Care, Bath & Body Hair Care Products

Since their inception in 1959, Jason Natural Cosmetics has striven to produce only pure, carefully balanced products that contain the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients, known to be skin compatible and proven effective. Their products contain the finest food-grade, organic and nutritional ingredients. Product fragrances are derived from the natural botanical essence of each ingredient. Read the labels: Jason Natural Products are devoid of mineral oils, petrolatum, drying alcohols, PABA, isopropyl palmitate, laurel/laureth sulfates, aluminum chlorohydrates, pore-clogging ingredients and other known irritants and environmentally hazardous materials, artificial colors and animal by-products. What’s more, their products involve no animal testing. They are biodegradable and packaged in recycled and/or recyclable containers.

Skin, Hair, Skin Whitening, Wrinkle Creams,
Acne Treatment.

Jason Bath and Body Jason Natural Hair Care
Jason Bath and Body Jason Natural Bath and Body
Jason Natural Hair Shampoo Jason Natural Cosmetics Soaps
Alpha Lipoic Acid Jason Natural Deodorants 
Hydroquinone Skin Lightening Jason Natural Ester-C Skincare

Greatest Pain Relief:
Jason Tea Tree Therapeutic GEL

Jason Pain Relief - Tea Tree Therapeutic Mineral Gel

Jason Natural Hair Care
Thin to Thick
Hair Loss, Hair Thinning Treatment

Promotes Hair Growth

Jason Natural Therapeutic 4 Pack - for Thinning, Balding Hair

Skin, Hair & Body Care
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Since inception in 1959, JASON has strived to produce only pure, carefully balanced products that contain the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients, known to be skin compatible and proven effective.

PRODUCTS contain the finest food-grade, organic and nutritional ingredients that deliver topical benefits to the hair and skin. Product fragrances are derived from the natural botanical essence of each ingredient.

JASON believes consumers must have a reliable natural alternative to chemically-synthesized, technical grade products

Cruelty Free Products,
Jason Natural


 Health and Beauty Products
  Experience the luxury of natural botanicals!

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                                  Jevelle Skin Care, Jason Natural Cosmetics

Jason Natural Cosmetics - Beauty, Bath & Hair Care

Jason Natural, Medicated Shaving Products
Men's Shaving


Tea tree pain relief mineral gel

Antioxidant Green Tea   cream

Skin lightening vitamin Creme

Organic Coco butter Lotion

Jason Natural Organic Biotin Hair Shampoo
    Biotin Shampoo

Jason Natural Vitamin E Hand and Body Lotion
vitamin E Lotion

     Jason Ester C Skin lightening serum
  Skin lightening 


Vitamin  E 5,000 oil


JASON NATURAL COSMETICS use only the best of nature, and leaves out the rest. By one recent study, over 80% of off-the-shelf cosmetic products on the market today contain one or more ingredients that are documented to cause adverse reactions in humans. A University of California study of 58,000 hairdressers, manicurists and cosmetologists revealed that they developed multiple myeloma (cancer) at four times the  rate of  the general population.

ALWAYS FRESH because we purchase in smaller quantities directly from the manufacturer. The PRODUCTS you receive are the freshest they can possibly be, which is what you want in a NATURAL product.


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Aminophylline Thigh slimming cream

Aminophylline 3%
Excellent treatment for and refered to by women as big thighs, fat thighs, thunder thighs.
Revolutionary ingredient Aminophylline, confirmed by clinical studies to slim thighs-and highlighted on TV and national magazines.





   Vitamin E plus Moisturizing Cream    w/Gingko Biloba

                A wonderful light
           and silky greaseless creme  for all
               skin type, day or night use.

        Antioxidant for all skin types


        Vitamin C Moisturizer Cream

  Vitamin C Plus Moisturizing Creme w/Gingko Biloba

A wonderful light
  and silky greaseless crème  for all
skin type, day or night use.

        Antioxidant for all skin types


by Hi-Tech
Anavar by Hi-Tech - World's first & only controlled-release natural anabolic steroidal agent
A Revolutionary Muscle Building Catalyst Designed to Increase Strength & Size
Strongest Diet & Energy Without A Prescription



ECA Extreme by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, an ECA stack with 25mg ephedra + caffeineThe extreme fat burner weight-loss formula.

by Hi-Tech

Dianabol by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - herbal extracts help build muscle & lose fatWorld's most potent natural steroidal product available without a prescription

Lipodrene™ by Hi-Tech
Lipodrene with Ephedra - by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, with 25mg Ephedra

Lipodrene suppresses the appetite & Promotes weight loss with natural ingredients, it is a hi-energy pill as well as a diet pill.


Welcome to the best of natural!

A difference you can see in your skin, hair and Body... for a Healthier Life.

Jevelle'sNEW!!  Skin Whitening, Lightening System, The Quickest Way to Brighter,Lighter  Skin is with Hydroquinone and Glycolic Acid!
For Age Spots, Freckles, Acne Spots, Pregnancy Mask, Hyper-pigmentation. Skin Lighteni

Jevelle Skin Whitening and Skin Care

Jevelle Cosmetics is our own brand that we make available for you exclusively on the internet

Anti-aging Quality Skin Care products. Skin lightening for face and body. Acne Treatment and Specialty products for oily and dry skin.

  • Get Rid Of Unsightly Acne with our Special "MagicClear Acne System". Take the first step to Clear ... ACNE TREATMENT

MagicClear Acne Treatment System, uniquely different. Effective for all stages of acne. Before you go on Accutane try Magic Clear first. NO SIDE EFFECTS as there are with many prescription drugs.
Jevelle Skin Care

Reviva formulations are based on performance; products that really work...proven through their vast experience in professional skin care salons. Unlike marketers whose products are based primarily on product ingredient listings they know will appeal to the public.

Glycolic Acid Products,
Skin Lightening, Masks, Toners, Moisturizers,

Cleansers, Creams & Gels.
Reviva Labs

Jevelle Cosmetics
answer for your complexion problem!

New Anti-Aging!!!
Alpha-Lipoic Acid, DMAE,

C-Ester Cream.

Skin Lightening Facial
Hydroquinone 2%

Skin Lightening Facial System

Skin Lightening Body
Hydroquinone 2%

Skin Lightening Body System

Skin Lightening Creme

Skin Whitening Facial Creme with Kojic Acid






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