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Reviva's Different Approach to Adult Acne!

Reviva More than a Cover Up
Conceals blemishes,
while it helps heal!

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More than a Cover Up!
.75 oz. 21g  Item R833



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Package Details
  • Concealer for acne blemishes.

  • Can make skin look almost flawless.

  • Use as makeup or under makeup.

  • Medicated for help heal blemishes.

Conceals blemishes, dark spots, etc., as it treats problem skin. Hides skin flaws for any Skin Type...but for oily skin also helps balance, purify and improve skin texture.

For the imperfect area almost every skin has here's a concealer that can make skin look almost flawless, yet beautifully natural. Covers blemishes, spots, bruises, scars, discoloration, razor scratches.

Neutral flesh-tone shade, good for men too. Women with dark skin can use desired shade of liquid foundation over it.

After cleansing face apply a small amount to face, (be careful no to apply to thickly).
Leave on all day as a makeup or use under makeup. If you have dark skin you will need to apply your own foundation over More than a Cover Up.

Zinc oxide, purified water, beeswax, vegetable oil, anhydrous lanolin, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, alca allantoinate, chamomile, methyl paraben.

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