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Reviva Cleansers & Cleansing Supplements

Moisturizers & Lotions

R833 More than a Cover Up Day Cream
(formerly called Heal & Conceal) this unique European formula treats the oily condition and helps clear impurities. Extra coverage for a beautifully smooth , flawless look. One shade. oz.
all types
G209 Glycolic Oily Skin Gel
Does not overdry the skin as many oily skin treatments will. Instead, this gel reduces blemish-causing bacteria through mild exfoliation while it helps normalize oily skin. Also helps avoid future breakouts. Use alone or under makeup. (5% Glycolic Acid). 1 fl. oz.
oily skin
R210 Oily Skin Moisturizer Gel
The beauty benefits of moisturizers but also fights oil and impurities. Helps correct oily condition. 1 fl. oz.
oily skin
L581 Skin Lightener Day Cream
Now, lighten brown spots faster with a new formulation which can be safely used during the daytime, even in sunlight. Supplement with #L579 Brown Spot Cream at night for optimal results. Contains SPF 15 sunscreen. 1 oz.
all types
R212 Eye Gelee Concentrate
Exceptionally light, this gelee nourishes the eye area with collagen, herbal extracts, elastin and mucoplysaccharides, Combats puffiness. 1 oz.
all types
R288 Ultra C Cream with Ascorbigen
Remarkable new defense against damaging free radicals. Under sunscreen, it's a new level of protection against sun damage. Indoor/outdoor pollutants also create free radicals; so it's year round alternate cream. Ascorbigen (cabbage extract) is combined with stabilized ascorbic acid for unduplicated vitamin C action. 1 oz.
all types
R296 Sun Protective Moisturizer SPF 25
Here's a moisturizer that softens, leaves no oily residue, and has a special sunscreen. 1 oz.
all types
R286 Oxygen-Aid Day Cream with RevivaSome Liposomes
Has live yeast extract and super-dismutase for long lasting daytime oxygenation and protection. Use 1 or 2 weeks per month - use on an alternating basis with other moisturizers. 1 oz.
all types

Face Creams

R315 Oily Skin Night Cream
Does wonders to help normalize and beautify oily skins. Helps refine pores, reduces oiliness, soothes irritation, fights skin blemishes, softens and improves texture. oz.
oily skin
R107 Light Skin Peel Cream
Unique, non-chemical exfoliant to remove dead cells from surface of skin. Simply apply a thin film to skin, let dry 3-5 minutes and rub off with dry wash cloth. Excellent for use with glycolics to speed up exfoliating action. See immediate results.
all types
R312 Cream Hydratante
Specifically for moisture nourishment. Not only for dry skin, but oily skins with surface "moisture dryness." 1 oz..
all types
L579 Brown Spot & Skin Lightening Night Cream
(For hands and face). Fast-acting formula. Helps fade away dark spots on hands or face. Use nightly with tiny amount on spot area. 1 oz.
all types
G585 Double Action Brown Spot Night Gel with Glycolic and hydroquinone, Skin Lightener 
Reviva has added Glycolic Acid to our special blending of hydroquinone in a light gel that not only helps speed the lightening results but improves skin texture and tone. Oily skin in particular will prefer this light gel. Yet, any skin type will benefit by alternating the new gel with Reviva's original Brown Spot Night Cream. (2 weeks gel, 2 weeks night cream). 1 oz.
all types
R316 Throat and Eye Cream
To firm throat tissue as it smoothes skin. Helps prevent crepy   throat and helps erase age lines. Also rich under-eye night cream. 1 oz.
all types
G380 Glycolic Acid Liposome Eye And Throat Gel
(Liposome Activated). Delicate skin around the eye would normally be sensitive to standard glycolic products, but our gel formula provides glycolic's benefits without irritation. Wonderful for dry lines that make eyes look tired; and helps improve skin texture & tone around the eyes and throat. 5% Glycolic Acid. 1 oz.
all types
G381 Renaissance Cream 5% Glycolic Acid
An advanced glycolic acid (from sugar cane) that has been acclaimed for action on sun damaged skin and aging skin. It's also useful to help unplug pores. Helps improve skin tone and texture and provide skin balance. 100% natural. 1 oz.
Glycolic Acid
all types
G383 10% Glycolic Acid Cream
A higher percentage of glycolic acid for those whose skin has become accustomed to our 5% Glycolic Cream. Excellent for aging, problem or sun-damaged skin. 1 oz.

all types

G308 Beta Hydroxyacid Cream
Exfoliates and texturizes mature skin beautifully...and can be even more beneficial than AHA'S for problem skin-helping clear clogged pores or blemishes. Ideal for sensitive skin, BETA Hydroxyacid Cream is an alternative to our Glycolic Acid Cream. 1 oz.

all types

Rejuvenating Serum

R300 Rejuvenating SOY Serum
A new facial serum with a patented Soy Extract for remarkable skin rejuvenation! Especially good for sundamaged and aging skin.

all types


R422 Clearing Mask
(Non-tightening). For oily skin. Helps rid skin of impurities and eruptions. Skin looks cleaner, fresher and smoother. Use under warm compress to soften and emulsify blemishes. 1 oz.
oily skin
R449 Problem Mask
A drawing mask that absorbs excess oil and fights blemishes and impurities. Helps clear complexion. 1 oz.
R452 Dead Sea Mud Mask
From The Dead Sea. Dead Sea Natural Black Mud. Helps combat bacteria that causes blemishes or rashes, helps draw-out impurities and leaves skin looking cleaner and smoother. 1 oz.

oily skin


R837 Hide & Cover Combo in Mirror Compact
2-shade duo: Light for under eye circles; Dark for blemishes and flaws.
all types


More than a Cover Up Cream
(formerly called Heal & Conceal) this unique European formula treats the oily condition and helps clear impurities. Extra coverage for a beautifully smooth , flawless look. One shade. oz.

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