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Discount Long Distance
Honestly No tricks, No hidden charges!
This is your real CPM (cost per minute).
Lowest Long Distance Rates
THIS IS NOT one of those promotional sales to suck you in,
then a couple of months later to find they hiked up your bill triple.

Most of you have received calls from long distance companies and applied for what sounded like the best deal. You were sucked in by what they told you. Before you knew it those great rates tripled because they were only for one or two months, (which they neglected to tell you). It was strictly promotional, after the promo is over the company will add on what is called non-usage charges which is really just a trick to raise your long distance rate to sometimes three times what you were originally quoted. Keep an eye on your long distance
phone bill. We know what we're talking about.

Non usage charges are never applied to this great service we are offering. You WILL PAY FOR MINUTES OF USAGE without phony monthly fees, connect fees and non-usage charges which can drive your monthly long distance rate higher than you would ever imagine.

If you sign up with UNITEL service you will have a company that is really interested in saving you money. We know because we use them for our 800 numbers and as our Long Distance Carrier. We have been with UNITEL for over three years now and have not had a single rate increase, only a rate decrease.

This offer is for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
and this is the CPM (cost per minute) you will have.
They try to keep their rates constant and save you money.

Long Distance 4.5 cents per-minute
Flat Rate, No Monthly Charges

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